Monday, March 24, 2008

Ponderings and Musings - February 06, 2007

It's cold and brisk in Central Ohio. We don't normally have single digit temperatures with sub-zero wind chill, so most aren't prepared for it. Consequently, our schools have been closed for 2 days and maybe (BIG maybe) tomorrow as well. Since I work for the schools, I don't have to report to work when school is closed. I've been having a wonderful 2 days. First of all, I can keep my slowly healing foot propped up without guilt. I was able to travel 2 hrs out of town with my wonderful daughter, Tracie, yesterday afternoon to quietly sit in on a meeting she had to attend. I've been knitting, and reading, and knitting, and watching select shows on TV, and knitting, and - well, you get the picture! This morning I spent quite a bit of time on the 'net surfing for patterns to make my KnitExchange partner's mitts/mittens/gloves and looking for a pattern for Tracie to use for her partner. My son's girlfriend sent me a message to chat for a few minutes. Now Mary is from Louisiana. She has lived in the greater New Orleans area most of her life. She lost everything in Hurricane Katrina. She immediately found some friends to room with, got another job, and met my son, who was down there with his dad as a two-man paramedic team. We tease Mary that she is my son's Katrina souvenir. All that to say, in the course of conversation, I asked her if she was warm enough. She's at work, a program analyst, trying to type with blue fingertips! I had just read a pattern that talked about mitts being perfect for hands with cold fingers. The theory is that if the bulk of the hand is warm, it will help keep the fingers warm. Mary was interested in trying some mitts! So here I am, making Mary a pair of mitts before I start on my partner's. :) While I was knitting, for some reason memories of my mom came flooding in my mind. She was so proud of my knitting, at my beginning efforts to design, of the things I made to help try to keep her tiny, elderly body warm. She's been gone nearly two years now. I miss her so! I'm learning a new technique working on these mitts for Mary - how to knit with 2 colors, but held in the same hand. I've always done this two-handed and have been frustrated by the "uneveness" of my sts. I really like the way this is turning out. Hope to have pics up soon!

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