Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hello from Hilton Head

This is an awesome week. A neighbor and friend arranged for us to use a condo right on the ocean beach. We have been walking, and walking, and walking up and down the beach - rain (well, OK, sprinkles) or shine. This morning we slept "in" - got up at 8:00. Went for a 4-mile round trip walk. All I could think of is what a glorious, beautiful morning! As we tramped down the beach, I kept praising God for all He is and Who he is. Tom and I found all kinds of "treasures" left by the outgoing tide - perfect, complete shells, small to tiny crabs skittering in the sand, "pods" left by whelks full of minute whelks. Then Tom and I decided to run around the island and see what there is to see. Ended up, at all places, at an outlet mall. Walked around every store and then celebrated with double ice cream scoops in waffle cones. Mine was - guess! Cappuccino Chocolate Chip, of course!!!! We've already had mini-ham & cheese frittatas and herbed red potatoes with ham and swiss cheese - both using my Homemade Gourmet seasonings. Delicious! We fixed a huge salad that will last us the whole week and are enjoying it with our neighbor, who has a condo 2 floors above us. Yesterday, Tom took me to the Island yarn shop because, silly me!, I only brought one project- and it's DONE! Am now making some crazy socks out of Jelly Beanz yarn. Lots of fun, lots of rest, lots of sun, lots of love, lots of God's creation. What could be better than this! The attached video, if it works, doesn't have any titles, but I think you can figure everything out!! :) (actually there are TWO videos because I am too technologically challenged to have it all in one!) LOL