Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Blizzard '08 - March 08, 2008

Well, we've been in blizzard conditions for about 18 hours now, with about another 8 projected before it switches to "winter storm" conditions. Snow depth in my community right now is about 10", but other parts of the county/state have more. There are over 300 closings around the central part of the state.

What a wonderful day to knit!!! We are fortunate that we still have power, meaning heat, TV/radio, etc., although I'm still in my "jammies." I'm being "bad" because I am working on my entrelac shawl design with the Crystal Palace Merino 5 rather than finishing up the kimono. I must, must, must make myself get it done! All I need to do is finish the band and sew it on! Why do I allow myself to get so side-tracked??? I am not going to allow myself to cut out my next "charity" quilt until I finish the kimono. I'm not, I'm not, I'm not!

Card Trick - March 07, 2008

Talk about creating a monster! The friends who "turned me on" to quilting have done just that. I have some quilt software (EQ6) and have been playing with it. While scanning through a book on how to make quilts, I saw a picture of a block called "Card Trick." I fell in love with it! I could just picture it in primary colors, made out of flannel for a little boy. (One of the local quilt guilds makes charity quilts for children. Can't remember the name of the organization.)

But anyway, I played with the Card Trick block on the EQ6 software and made the design, cutting templates, etc. for the quilt top you see here. It was so much FUN! I still have to get the batting, back it, and do the machine quilting and then it will be done.

The picture on the right is the design drawing and the left is the actual quilt.

But first, off to work on some of knitting! I'm designing an entrelac shawl using Crystal Palace Yarns' Merino 5 (a superwash wool), and it is working up beautifully! And it's so soft!
I just love retirement!!!!! Especially today, when we're in the middle of a snowstorm, with a possible accumulation in the double-digits! It's nice and cozy and safe and warm in my house with my yarn and my quilt.

Once upon a time - February 27, 2008

this is a short "story" written in the summer of 2003.

Once upon a time, there lived a lady who was not too old and not too young – she was just the right age. She belonged to several knitting lists – not too many, not too few, just the right number. Since she wanted to make the May sock from one of the knitting groups, she searched her stash for just the right yarn, not too thick, not too thin, but just right. She chose a shade that was not too dark and not too light, but just the right shade. She cast on the right number of stitches, not too many, not too few, just enough, for two socks on two circs.

The next day she had to go to the doctor’s office and took her knitting with her. Her wait in the office was not just right or too short – it was too long. But she did manage to knit the entire foot of her sock, not too long, not too short, but just the right length – 6.5” Then, OH NO, she hadn’t planned for a visit that was too long, and didn’t have her instructions with her! What to do?
Well, the doctor finally came and the visit was not too long and not too short, but just right to cover the situation. So she went on her merry way to have lunch with her son. Driving down the freeway, not too fast, not too slow, but just the right speed, she heard a POP! and then the van swerved. She pulled off to the side and discovered a flat tire. No one stopped to help – not too many, not the right number, but too few! No one. So she called her son for help and started changing the tire herself. As she was nearly finished, someone finally stopped and finished for her.

When her son arrived, she followed him to the local tire shop, which she discovered was the actual shop where her DH had bought the tire two weeks before. The shop said it would be about an hour before the tire could be replaced, which gave her enough time for lunch – not too long, not too short. However, when she got back, the van was not finished, it was not even inside the shop. And no instructions to work on her knitting. What to do? What to do?

She called her “bestest” friend!!! The friend signed onto the internet and pulled up the sock pattern. The friend read just enough instructions for her to do the heel – not too much, not too little, just the right amount of instructions. She happily knit one heel and then the van was finished! So she packed up her knitting and went quickly home.

She remembered she had a library book in the van that needed to be returned, so she stopped at the library. It didn’t take too long or too short a time to return the book, but just enough. When she went back to the van, she discovered she had locked her keys inside! Oh dear! What next? Then she remembered that the rear hatch didn’t lock properly. She lifted the hatch and all the alarms when off! She crawled through the van, got her keys, and unlocked the van and drove off. When she finally returned home, she wondered, “What next??”

First Quilt in Progress - February 20, 2008

It's a Mystery Quilt from the Fat Quarters Quilt Guild, started by my friend Karen Lane and her sister, Kristina Gutierrez and meets at Always in Stitches in Grove City OH the first Tuesday of each month. Patty Estadt designed this one and my new daughter-in-law, Mary, selected the color families. I had a lot of fun piecing the Mystery Quilt Top and am now learning a LOT the HARD WAY about machine quilting it!! I'll post another pic when it is completed.

Pink is for February! - February 13, 2008

A very dear friend from church just had her 5th child. She mentioned the other day that her hormones are so out of whack that she hasn't been warm since Andrew was born (and that's been at least 6 weeks ago now!) She specifically mentioned that her feet are always freezing! So when I saw the CP "colour" contest (see, and that February's color is pink, I remembered the pink Puffin yarn from CPY that I have and thought instantly of making Debbie some slippers.

Debbie is a very petite, feminine woman. So I thought that instead of plain ol' slipper socks, I'd make a pair with a cable around the cuff. And since I didn't want to fool with ribbing, I decided to do seed st on either side of the cable so that the fabric wouldn't roll. Liked the look of the seed st so much that I decided to to the rest of the sock that way. I used the EOP (eye of partridge) heel flap so that the ridges of the traditional heel flap wouldn't conflict with the seed st. The EOP, however, didn't show up the way I'd hoped!

This slipper sock was a surprisingly quick knit - especially in view of the fact that I started the day with a severe migraine (so bad that I was not capable of driving home after Bible Study!) Fortunately, I'd already "pictured" what I wanted to make and the actual knitting was of the "no brainer" variety. Just set to automatic pilot and GO! And after taking enough meds and the peace and CALM of knitting, I'm feeling much better now.

The scans are kinda washed out - picture a nice, soft, baby pink.

A Quilting First - February 08, 2008

I am learning to quilt. I found a box of quilt pieces/blocks that my grandmother made and these are anywhere from 60 to 100 years old. Gotta talk to someone who knows about these things!

Anyway, I want to work on her quilt pieces, but I don't know what I'm doing. So I joined a local guild - Fat Quarters Guild - here in Grove City and they are nurturing me through the process. Tracie needs a new cover for the pad on top of her grandmother's cedar chest and I thought I'd get brave and make one in the same color scheme as her Amish-made quilt. With the help of the guild and another friend, here is my first finished quilt piece. It's so far from perfect (yes, I cut off the points deliberately, a MAJOR no-no in quilting) and the actual quilting was a quick-and-dirty process, but it's done. I love it, I'm proud of it, and I think Tracie will love it, too. 'Course, she can't have it till after the March Show-n-Tell at Fat Quarters! lol

Fun afternoon - December 28, 2007

My granddaughter is on the left and Sarah is on the right, learning to purl.

A New Shawl Pattern! - December 28, 2007

I found another fun, easy shawl pattern! It's from Knitted Shawls, Stoles, & Scarves by Nancie M. Wiseman. I'm making the "Lavender Linen Lace Shawl" in pale yellow Egyptian cotton. The pattern calls for a size 4 needle, with the cotton works better with a size 5.
Today is my wedding anniversary! My hubby is helping a friend out, and when he gets home, we're going out to celebrate. Right now, for 14-yo granddaughter, Jennifer, and her friend, Sarah, are over her knitting. It's a lot of fun and very relaxing! I'll post a picture shortly.

Peggy Shawl - December 27, 2007

What a wonderful way to wrap up a year. Crystal Palace has posted pictures of the Peggy Shawl that I made with their Kid Merino (really luscious, luxurious yarn!!) You can see all 4 pics on the same page at Thanks, CP, for this opportunity!!!!

This is the shawl that I have made MANY times, designed by Jackie E-S of HeartStrings Fiber Arts. I have used various weights and types yarn, but the Kid Merino is the most spectacular! The Peggy Shawl is my first *real* experience with lace shawls. I was totally intimated until I found this pattern. Now it's like creating a monster. I have made other lace shawl patterns, but this remains my favorite. It is now like an old friend and when I need a "comfort knit", I pull out this pattern, whatever yarn "speaks" to me, and appropriate needles. then, VOILA! I'm one happy camper.

Bummed - December 16, 2007

I got in 3 straight hours of knitting tonight on the Kimono. There was a play at church and we got there an hour early to get decent seats. The play itself was 2 hours long. I got 11" done on the kimono. Got home, and discovered a dropped stitch from earlier on and had to frog 12". I'm now done frogging and tearing out my hair; will take a DEEP breath, and knit on!! The good news is that this will be beautiful when it is done.

Ready to Wrap! - December 15, 2007

I was able to finish Tom's shirt!!! He thought I was working on the fleece jacket I made for his younger son. I purchased 3 ties that will go great with this shirt, and as you can see, placed one on the shirt for wrapping. The other two will each be wrapped in separate boxes. I'm pretty sure he has no clue. He knew I was having trouble finding decent apparel fabric (I want to make me some blouses, too). He was running errands when I got it cut out and when I did the majority of the sewing. He's hard to buy for and very hard to surprise, but I think maybe I just might have succeeded this year.

Another Peggy's Shawl finished! - December 15, 2007

I'm so glad I changed from Nora's shawl (Wrapped in Comfort) to Peggy's Shawl. It really seems to show off the colors better with this particular yarn. Cheri (modeling the shawl) was thrilled to get the finished shawl in time for her to present it to a dear friend for Christmas.
I have some Panda Silk from Crystal Palace in Nutmeg (#4002), one of the new colors for 2008. It is BEAUTIFUL! (check out the yarns at I can't wait to make a shawl with it, but can't decide on yet another Peggy's Shawl, the Nora shawl, Scotch Thistle Lace Stole (by Jackie ES of HeartStrings Fiber Arts), or Ivy Trellis Lace Stole (also by Jackie). Oh, decisions, decisions, decisions!!!!!

But first, I must finish the Merino Frappe Kimono, which Crystal Palace is featuring as one of the Ample Knits. It's beautiful, too!!!

I'm also taking time out to make a People Cozy by Lion Brand. It's a "wearable afghan." Made with size 50 needles and 4 strands of yarn - 2 different colors of Wool Ease Thick & Quick, 1 of Homespun, and 1 of Wool Ease. It's fun, and it's fast. I also need to get some socks designed. On top of all the Christmas holiday activities, taking a cake decorating class, working as a consultant with the schools, and volunteering with the schools once a week. Not to mention the heavy schedule of classes I am giving in January! My goodness, just typing all this makes me tired!
It's snowing right now, but it's supposed to turn to rain tonight, and then snow again tomorrow. I need to finish sewing the silk shirt I'm giving my Mr. Wonderful for Christmas. My son, Dean, and his fiance Mary, are going to Louisiana for Christmas with her folks, so we are celebrating tomorrow with them. The rest of the family will also gather on Christmas Eve, as usual. So now I need to get some gifts wrapped and finish decorating the tree!! It's up, with lights, but that's all!!!!!

Two More Projects! - December 01, 2007

Today's been a busy day! Went to the Mid-Ohio Knitting Guild's (MOKG) "retreat" at the Whetstone Library. I was working well on "Nina's Ann Arbor Shawl" from the book Wrapped In Comfort by Alison Jeppson Hyde. In fact, I had only two pattern repeats left and I would be done! AND THEN!!! My cable on my circular needle broke and the shawl feel off. And, of course, I didn't have a lifeline!! I couldn't get all those YO's picked up, stitches were running, and I ended up frogging the whole thing. Fortunately, I had taken another project along - the Merino Frappe Kimono from Crystal Palace - I'm making it out of Merino Stripes with Merino Frappe for the front/collar band. As you can see, I got a lot down in just a few hours. It goes quickly!!!!!

However, the Nina shawl is for a friend at church. I called her and told her the bad news, but she was quite philosophical about it. I told her I was going to start again today, but that it would be a totally different shawl. That was fine with her. And, of course, you should be able to guess what I've started (2nd picture) - OF COURSE!! PEGGY'S SHAWL. I think this is number 5 off that pattern. Or is it number 6?????

FINISHED!!!! - November 30, 2007

As you can see, I am blocking the beautiful Peggy's Shawl (designed by Jackie E-S of HeartStrings Fiber Arts, made with Kid Merino from Crystal Palace Yarns). It is now 8:23 p.m. (EST) and the shawl is so lightweight, so gossamer, so beautiful, that I have no doubt it will be dry by morning. The picture is a little washed out - new camera, new computer, old knowledge. As I learn more, I'll be able to do better.

Progress Report! - November 25, 2007

This is a not-so-wonderful picture of a beautiful shawl. You may remember when I first started it. This is Peggy's Shawl by Jackie E-S of HeartStringsFiberArts made with Crystal Palace's Kid Merino in Strawberries and Limes. It is so light and airy, gossamer, if you will. It's nearly done and then I can block it. I'll post a pic of the finished shawl.

Tote (Diaper) Bag - November 24, 2007

My daughter, Tracie, and I belong to the yahoo group, KnitNPlay. It's a knitting exchange group that replaced the KnitExchange. Currently, it is a VERY small group, but ListMom is hoping it will grow. Our first swap is a bag swap. My partner likes relatively large bags, so when Tracie found a diaper bag pattern on the label of Caron Simply Soft, we both knew this was the pattern to make for our partners. It is roomy enough for a fairly large project, with pockets to hold accessories, needles, etc. For me, making it was rather slow, because it is made with double strands of yarn and the Twisted Stockinette Stitch, meaning that every knit stitch is worked in the back loop. I just couldn't get a rhythm going and it really aggravated my hand and wrist. But that twisted stitch gives it a body and sturdiness. I'm rather pleased with the completed project. But now I have to get it into the mail!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Update on Silken Ease - November 24, 2007

Here is a beautiful picture of the Silken Ease, taken by Crystal Palace Yarns. It shows the purl side of the work, which only proves that it's beautiful as a reversible scarf! (total modesty here, of course! )

Kid Merino! - October 01, 2007

Crystal Palace has done it again! They're just coming out with Kid Merino (28% Kid Mohair, 28% Merino Wool, 44% Micro Nylon) - another to-die-for yarn. I'm making Peggy's Shawl (by Jackie E-S, Heart Strings Fiber Arts) with this yarn, and it's going to be like gossamer. I can only imagine how beautiful it will be when it's completed and blocked! This particular color is #432 - Strawberries and Limes.

Silken Ease - September 21, 2007

Last week I completed the scarf I designed with Crystal Palace's new Panda Silk. This is another luscious yarn they have created, this time with bamboo, superwash merino wool, and silk. It is lovely to work with, too! The pattern is an easy lace pattern that makes up quickly. Panda Silk is ideal for this scarf! I can see me making shawls out of this yarn, too. I know someone who is making a pair of socks from it - they must be fabalous on the feet! Soft, but sturdy. Yep! having lots of fun here!!!!!

Satisfying Day - September 01, 2007

Still working on the scarf - have about 18" or so done. Tracie and I met a couple ladies from the knitting guild for lunch at Bob Evans (Tracie was able to eat their vegetable soup - had to remove the beef). Then we went to 3 yarn shops. I was a BAD girl!!!!! But they had some sales and some yarn kept calling my name and telling me what type of sweaters I could design and make. When I got home, DH asked me if I *really* needed more yarn, and I said Yep - for the kind of sweaters I want to make. LOL

Since Tracie did the driving, I was able to knit, knit, knit (one shop is about an hour away).

Panda Silk! - August 31, 2007

Crystal Palace Yarns has done it again! A new "Panda" yarn has been hatched - Panda Silk. It has the durability of bamboo (52%), the stability of superwash Merino wool (43%), and the luxurious softness of silk (5%). A 50-gram ball has approximately 204 yards and can be machine washed (gentle) or handwashed. I'm playing with designing a pattern for a scarf out of this luscious featherweight yarn. If I had the time and the confidence, I'd design a lacy shawl. This yarn is LOVELY!

FO for me! - July 18, 2007

I rarely make anything for me. But July is going to be "my" month. My beautiful daughter, Tracie, had surgery on July 11. The hospital she chose for her surgery is about 2 hours away. I stayed with her, in her room, during her hospital stay, while her hubby, Don, stayed home to take care of all the dogs and to make sure my granddaughter, Jennifer, got to the orthodontist to get her braces on her teeth.

I have a friend, Karen, who is a reference librarian here in my community. Also a knitter and crocheter, she often brings me books she has checked out and lets me ooh and aah over them. One such book is Knitting Sweaters from the Top Down: Fabulous Seamless Patterns to Suit Your Style, by Cathy Carron. I rarely find more than one pattern in a book that catches my interest, but this book has several!

I had some bulky yarn that would be perfect for the sweater called Nest. Not quite enough, so DH and I went shopping for more yarn before I left for my daughter's hospital stay. I started the sweater on the way to the hospital, since Tracie drove down. All during her surgery and the hospital stay, I worked on that sweater. It is a really quick knit and turned out nicely. You can't see all the detail in this picture, so you really need to look at the book. BTW, I have since bought that book - it's definitely a keeper!

Tracie says I won't wear this sweater, that it's too bulky for me. When the weather here turns cold, we'll see if she's right!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Peggy Shawl - July 18, 2007

Some of you know that I started the Peggy Shawl during the Columbus TNNA (end of May, beginning of June). I was using Nature Spun by Brown Sheep, but didn't really like the fabric it was creating. So off to the frog pond! I started it over with Kolibri, an Egyptian cotton by Dale of Norway. Love the fabric!!!

I'm not usually a lace shawl knitter. But as the designer, Jackie E-S of HeartStrings Fiber Arts states on the pattern, the Peggy Shawl is easier than it looks! And it truly is!!!! This shawl has been a definite success story for me; fun to make and a relatively quick knit. I had to order blocking wires from so that I could successfully block it. Now it's done. I like it so much I have started another with a thin boucle. The detail/lace won't be as prominent, but it is making up nicely, too.

What is interesting to me is that I rarely make the same pattern twice. Don't know if it's ADD or what. But this is the second of Jackie's patterns that I like enough to repeat. I love her 3-to-2 sweater. I've made two from it and have a third on the needles. And I'm thinking of making a 4th one in ribbon. The premise of this pattern is that you increase 3 sts over 2 rows. It's a bias knit sweater that always gets lots of compliments. Check out Jackie's patterns at your LYS! I think you'll like them as much as I do!

Does anyone recognize this? - July 14, 2007

This shawl pattern was a freebie on the internet several years ago. After a couple computer crashes, I lost the directions. I've tried "googling" but I'm not getting anywhere. I would love to complete this shawl if I can just find the directions. It's done in a sport or DK weight yarn and it uses an 18-row pattern repeat. Please email me if you think you can help me. THANKS!

Finally Finished! - July 05, 2007

One of the groups I belong to, AtMyHouse, has UFO Monday. Every Monday, you are encouraged to pull one of your probably many UFOs out and work on it. My dear daughter, Tracie, tries really hard to get me to work on at least one UFO before starting a new project (nice idea, but . . . . ) Any way, Monday (7/2/07) I did just that! I had come across a pair of socks (2 socks/2 circs) that I had started over a year ago (two years ago?????) I had gotten to the point where one heel had been turned but not the other. Took me a few minutes of looking very closely to figure out which heel pattern I was using, and then I got down to business. Worked on it some more Tuesday and also Tuesday evening when 5 of us got together at a local Bob Evans for an informal Knit Nite. Took it with me yesterday when we went to some friends at Indian Lake. Spent the day there and knit most of the day. Finished the socks last night right after we got home. YIPPEE!!!!!! Now to decide if I want to start designing a bag somone asked me about or pull out a shawl that's been driving me nuts (I want it DONE, but I don't want to work on it) LOL, or start a new shawl. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

FORGOT! my Maizy socks - July 01, 2007

My goodness, I finished the model for my Walking in the Corn shorties that I made with Crystal Palace's Maizy back in MAY!. I love that stuff! It has a luscious feel to it and is quite comfortable. Easy to work with, washes beautifully!!!!! It can have a tendency to split if you use needles with too-sharp points, but I'm finding that most yarns do!!! The socks have a ribbed arch for a more comfortable fit. Contact me at for pattern information.

Washcloths! - June 14, 2007

Bobbie; my daughter, Tracie; and I are all members of the KnitExchange, a yahoo group. This month's swap is for face/dish cloths. We've been quite busy, as you can see. It's been good therapy for me as I recover from my knee surgery (had a HUGE benign tumor removed from above my knee cap). Can't to see what the 3 of us will receive from our partners.

Entry for May 20, 2007

I wanted to experiment with a new heel style, and boy am I sorry! not only does the black heel stick out like a sore thumb (please excuse the mixed metaphor!), it produces a square at the bottom of the heel - and mine is round, thank you very much. LOL Plus I am going to make the cuff about an inch longer. I will probably need to do a black/white stripe, since I have only 1 ball of white and my feet are size 9!

I really like the yarn. It's much nicer than Fixation - I was thrilled with the way it washed! Still soft. Not at all like washed Fixation. And it dried nicely just laying it flat to dry. This blog will only let me upload 1 pic at a time, so will add the before-and-after pictures of the swatch in a minute.

The picture here has shadows which look yellowish, but they truly are only shadows. I love the EOP heel flap and the tubular cast on. Just thought I'd share the picture before I actually frog.

Yarn from Bamboo, Corn - what's next? May 05, 2007

Well, as you know, I comleted my Circus Chevron socks, made with Crystal Palace's Panda Wool - a lovely bamboo/wool/nylon blend. The pattern will be available to the yahoo group, Whenever ( in JUNE!! (oh my goodness, where has time gone????). It will then be available to others after August 1.

I recently acquired some Panda Cotton and Crystal Palace's new Maizy. Cool stuff!! The Maizy is 62% Corn Fiber, 18% elastic Nylon AND each ball has 204 yards. I'm playing with it now. I have only 1 ball of white and 1 ball of black, so I am thinking of making a "shorty" or "cropped" sock with stripes, and solid heel and toe. I'm going to cast on as soon as I get off here. I can picture the socks in my mind, but can't find a good name. Maybe I need to come up with a few ideas and do a poll! Yes! That's what I should do!!!!!

I'll keep posting my progress - check back soon to see how they are coming. I'll try to post progress pictures, too, but will definitely post the finished socks.

Finally Finished! - April 10, 2007

Too many projects, too many deadlines! But I finally finished my Circus Chevron socks! I just love the Panda Wool from Crystal Palace! With its 46% bamboo, 43% wool, and 11% nylon content, it feels so luscious! Can't wait to see how it washes! Can't wait to wear the socks!!!!! The color of this yarn is called Circus (#9575) and the pattern is Chevron, hence its name. Now, when I get a chance, I want to try the Panda Cotton!

2 Socks/2 Circs Tutorial - March 31, 2007

I belong to yet another Yahoo group called WhoDuKnit ( This is a group that reads a mystery each month and then creates a project based on a character or something from the book. The April 2007 mystery selection is Crewel World by Monica Ferris. Crewel World is a needlework and yarn shop in a small town in Minnesota. One of the main characters, Godwin, affectionately known as "Goddy," makes all his own pure white socks out of 100% cotton, due to skin sensitivities. He also makes all his socks one-at-a-time on double-pointed needles. Poor Godwin has not yet learned the "new" technique of using circular needles to make both socks at the same time.

To help Goddy, and group members, learn this technique, I have created a picture tutorial. You can find it at I've been told that a few people can't get the pictures to open. Join the WhoDuKnit group for the tutorial in Word 6.0 format, and read some good books, create some fund projects, and meet new friends!

More earrings - March 13, 2007

I recently posted my beaded crochet earrings on a tatting forum (it now also has knitting and crocheting!!) I joined recently ( and one of the members challenged me to convert the crochet pattern to tatting. I haven't learned to shuttle or needle tat yet, but I have been learning to cro-tat. Here's my attempt to make beaded cro-tat earrings.

"Dainty" Earrings - March 05, 2007

I am having TOO much fun making crocheted earrings! This pattern is from

MY Mitts!! - March 03, 2007

As I mentioned before, my daughter and I own the yahoo group called KnitExchange. The current swap is for gloves/mittens/mitts. You can see some of my mitt creations in earlier blog entries. But this morning, I received the mitts Alanna made for ME! And I LOVE them. And the package came with some other goodies, like CHOCOLATE and some Mary Kay SatinHands hand cream (if you haven't tried this, ya oughtta!!!!)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Crochet Beaded Earrings - March 03, 2007

Taking a bit of a break from my sock knitting! One of the yahoo groups I belong to is AtMyHouse, a crochet and knitting related group, with lots of fun exchanges. A brand new exchange is the jewelry exchange. Here is an earring I made for my swap partner.

Panda Wool - February 28, 2007

Have you tried the new Panda Wool from Crystal Palace? It's LUSCIOUS! I have 2 balls of the color Circus,#9575. I love the feel and the texture of this yarn. The fiber content is 46% bamboo, 43% wool, and 11% nylon and has about 170 yds/157 m per 50 g ball. Panda Wool is so soft!! I've already started designing a pair of socks with it that I'm calling Circus Chevron (see the picture). A very good friend of mine has some of the Panda Cotton and she is equally enthralled. If you don't have a favorite LYS near you that carries CP yarns, you will want to "google" to find who does. It's worth it!!!!!

Snowday #5! Beaded Mitts - February 14, 2007

3 snow days last week, 2 this week. Tomorrow I will be required to go to work, regardless of conditions. But I have been working on a mitt pattern, to help out my daughter (Tracie) on one of her exchanges. We chose a wrist-warmer pattern by Jackie E-S of Jackie has a way of creating something exquisitely beautiful, but deceptively easy. Pictured here are her Simple Beaded Wristlets. Tracie needed to make the mitts a little larger. Jackie's suggestion is to do another repeat of the design, but unfortunately, this would have made the mitts too big. Instead, we chose slightly larger yarn. I think the results will be perfect. After finishing the first mitt, I discovered a mistake. Rather than take it apart and frog back to the mistake, I will simply make the same mistake on the other wristlet.

Well, I better get off here and get busy on that other wristlet - I still have socks I need to finish designing for Laura Andersson's next Friendly Socks book!

Fair Isle Tam - February 12, 2007

It sure was nice having those 3 snow days last week! And they say there is a distinct possibility of having another one tomorrow, although I am not keeping my hopes up. Better to be pleased than to be disappointed!

One of the yahoo groups I belong to is AtMyHouse, a crochet and knitting group. I coordinate some of the exchanges - Hat/Cap, Poncho, and Choker. Using the technique for fair isle that I practiced when I made Mary's mitts, I made the tam you see here. Not the best picture - it's still on the dinner plate that I use for "blocking" and it wouldn't totally fit on my scanner. The gray yarn is all light gray - no dark around the edges. That's just shadow.
Because I decided to do K1, P1 for the edging, I used the tubular cast on. Makes a really nice finished edge that you can also insert elastic thread into to adjust the fit if necessary. I learned the cast-on technique and made the design from the book, "Knitted Tams" by Mary Rowe.
BTW, Mary says she loves her mitts. Says I can't have them back, even if I want them!

"Easy" Wrist Warmers Done! - February 07, 2007 - 7:13 p.m.

As you can see from the picture, the finished product looks quite small, but as you can also see, it fits beautifully! Now I'm really into mitts all of a sudden. :) I have some patterns by Jackie E-S of Heart Strings Fiber Arts that I can't wait to make! But first, I need to make a hat of some kind for another exchange partner. I'm thinking of making a tam with the yarn that's left from Mary's mitts.

More on Mitts - February 07, 2007 - 3:43 p.m.

Mary's mitts were made out of two colors from Plymouth's Encore DK. Controlling both yarns in the same hand was a revelation to me and resulted in the most even "Fair Isle" I've ever made!
If you are looking for a super simple - and quick - fingerless mitt pattern, check out the book "Not Just More Socks" by Sandi Rosner. On page 28 is a pattern simply entitled "Wrist Warmers." This pattern produces a mitt that is about 6" long and looks deceptively small. I just finished the first one and it looks like it might, maybe, fit a child. But I tried in on, and it feels wonderful! Can't wait to get the second one done. When I do, I'll scan my hand wearing one with the other beside my hand so you can see the difference. I'll post that pic here.
Since I've been knitting for SO long, and because circumstances earlier in my life forced me to learn to knit without looking, I can now read while I knit - unless of course it's an intricate or lace pattern. I have a whole series of books from Guideposts about various women in the Bible. These last 3 days off work (yes, no school again today!), I have been a reading and knitting FOOL! I've read 3 books and am now starting my 4th! Next, I'm going to read Lillian Jackson Braun's latest "The Cat Who....." book.
Happy knitting!

Mary's Mitts - February 06, 2007; 9:09 pm

Just finished Mary's mitts! There were a lot of fun to make and went quicker than I thought they would.

Ponderings and Musings - February 06, 2007

It's cold and brisk in Central Ohio. We don't normally have single digit temperatures with sub-zero wind chill, so most aren't prepared for it. Consequently, our schools have been closed for 2 days and maybe (BIG maybe) tomorrow as well. Since I work for the schools, I don't have to report to work when school is closed. I've been having a wonderful 2 days. First of all, I can keep my slowly healing foot propped up without guilt. I was able to travel 2 hrs out of town with my wonderful daughter, Tracie, yesterday afternoon to quietly sit in on a meeting she had to attend. I've been knitting, and reading, and knitting, and watching select shows on TV, and knitting, and - well, you get the picture! This morning I spent quite a bit of time on the 'net surfing for patterns to make my KnitExchange partner's mitts/mittens/gloves and looking for a pattern for Tracie to use for her partner. My son's girlfriend sent me a message to chat for a few minutes. Now Mary is from Louisiana. She has lived in the greater New Orleans area most of her life. She lost everything in Hurricane Katrina. She immediately found some friends to room with, got another job, and met my son, who was down there with his dad as a two-man paramedic team. We tease Mary that she is my son's Katrina souvenir. All that to say, in the course of conversation, I asked her if she was warm enough. She's at work, a program analyst, trying to type with blue fingertips! I had just read a pattern that talked about mitts being perfect for hands with cold fingers. The theory is that if the bulk of the hand is warm, it will help keep the fingers warm. Mary was interested in trying some mitts! So here I am, making Mary a pair of mitts before I start on my partner's. :) While I was knitting, for some reason memories of my mom came flooding in my mind. She was so proud of my knitting, at my beginning efforts to design, of the things I made to help try to keep her tiny, elderly body warm. She's been gone nearly two years now. I miss her so! I'm learning a new technique working on these mitts for Mary - how to knit with 2 colors, but held in the same hand. I've always done this two-handed and have been frustrated by the "uneveness" of my sts. I really like the way this is turning out. Hope to have pics up soon!