Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's All in the Name

Dawn from As Sweet as Cinnamon wants to know why the different blogs are named what they are.  She is even holding a contest if you are willing to blog why your blog is named what it is.  Go here to link up your post for the contest.

When I started my blog, I already had a website called KyleAnn's Kreations. I was a fledgling knit designer and showcased my new and kustom knit and krochet designs. I didn't think I could call my blog the same name (I wasn't computer-savvy enough then to know I could, but also wanted to avoid confusion), so I named my blog Knitting with KyleAnn (it's all about me, you know!)

Of course, back then I wasn't into quilting yet, but I saw no reason to change the name. Although, if someone were to come up with a name that I can't resist, then I just might consider changing my blog name! If you have a suggestion on what I could rename my blog, leave it in a comment below! Be nice, tho! This is a family-oriented site. :-)