Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pink is for February! - February 13, 2008

A very dear friend from church just had her 5th child. She mentioned the other day that her hormones are so out of whack that she hasn't been warm since Andrew was born (and that's been at least 6 weeks ago now!) She specifically mentioned that her feet are always freezing! So when I saw the CP "colour" contest (see, and that February's color is pink, I remembered the pink Puffin yarn from CPY that I have and thought instantly of making Debbie some slippers.

Debbie is a very petite, feminine woman. So I thought that instead of plain ol' slipper socks, I'd make a pair with a cable around the cuff. And since I didn't want to fool with ribbing, I decided to do seed st on either side of the cable so that the fabric wouldn't roll. Liked the look of the seed st so much that I decided to to the rest of the sock that way. I used the EOP (eye of partridge) heel flap so that the ridges of the traditional heel flap wouldn't conflict with the seed st. The EOP, however, didn't show up the way I'd hoped!

This slipper sock was a surprisingly quick knit - especially in view of the fact that I started the day with a severe migraine (so bad that I was not capable of driving home after Bible Study!) Fortunately, I'd already "pictured" what I wanted to make and the actual knitting was of the "no brainer" variety. Just set to automatic pilot and GO! And after taking enough meds and the peace and CALM of knitting, I'm feeling much better now.

The scans are kinda washed out - picture a nice, soft, baby pink.

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