Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How to Make a 3-D Bow Tie Block

All steps, except #14 and #15, will be with wrong side facing.
1.           Using square of any size, fold in half (right sides together) and crease, either by finger pressing or iron.


         2.           Now fold in half the other way and crease.

3.     Bring fold at center right to upper right hand corner and pin.


        4.      Rotate counter clockwise and repeat step 3.

5.           Repeat step 4.

6.           Repeat step 5.

7.           Lay block on a flat surface and pat center down.


          8.           With threaded needle, attach thread to center of one of the folds.

9.           Run thread/needle through center of each fold, all the way around the block. DO NOT TACK.


           10.           Make sure you run thread/needle through first fold when you get back to it. Again, DO NOT TACK.

11.           Draw thread tight, whipstitch centers together. Remove pins.


12.           Press the folds together, 2 on each side, forming a straight line across the center.

 13.           Whipstitch folds together and tie off the thread.


14.           Turn block over and gently pull folds of bow tie in place.



15.      Gently press block.