Monday, March 24, 2008

Fair Isle Tam - February 12, 2007

It sure was nice having those 3 snow days last week! And they say there is a distinct possibility of having another one tomorrow, although I am not keeping my hopes up. Better to be pleased than to be disappointed!

One of the yahoo groups I belong to is AtMyHouse, a crochet and knitting group. I coordinate some of the exchanges - Hat/Cap, Poncho, and Choker. Using the technique for fair isle that I practiced when I made Mary's mitts, I made the tam you see here. Not the best picture - it's still on the dinner plate that I use for "blocking" and it wouldn't totally fit on my scanner. The gray yarn is all light gray - no dark around the edges. That's just shadow.
Because I decided to do K1, P1 for the edging, I used the tubular cast on. Makes a really nice finished edge that you can also insert elastic thread into to adjust the fit if necessary. I learned the cast-on technique and made the design from the book, "Knitted Tams" by Mary Rowe.
BTW, Mary says she loves her mitts. Says I can't have them back, even if I want them!

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