Monday, March 24, 2008

More on Mitts - February 07, 2007 - 3:43 p.m.

Mary's mitts were made out of two colors from Plymouth's Encore DK. Controlling both yarns in the same hand was a revelation to me and resulted in the most even "Fair Isle" I've ever made!
If you are looking for a super simple - and quick - fingerless mitt pattern, check out the book "Not Just More Socks" by Sandi Rosner. On page 28 is a pattern simply entitled "Wrist Warmers." This pattern produces a mitt that is about 6" long and looks deceptively small. I just finished the first one and it looks like it might, maybe, fit a child. But I tried in on, and it feels wonderful! Can't wait to get the second one done. When I do, I'll scan my hand wearing one with the other beside my hand so you can see the difference. I'll post that pic here.
Since I've been knitting for SO long, and because circumstances earlier in my life forced me to learn to knit without looking, I can now read while I knit - unless of course it's an intricate or lace pattern. I have a whole series of books from Guideposts about various women in the Bible. These last 3 days off work (yes, no school again today!), I have been a reading and knitting FOOL! I've read 3 books and am now starting my 4th! Next, I'm going to read Lillian Jackson Braun's latest "The Cat Who....." book.
Happy knitting!

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