Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Entry for May 20, 2007

I wanted to experiment with a new heel style, and boy am I sorry! not only does the black heel stick out like a sore thumb (please excuse the mixed metaphor!), it produces a square at the bottom of the heel - and mine is round, thank you very much. LOL Plus I am going to make the cuff about an inch longer. I will probably need to do a black/white stripe, since I have only 1 ball of white and my feet are size 9!

I really like the yarn. It's much nicer than Fixation - I was thrilled with the way it washed! Still soft. Not at all like washed Fixation. And it dried nicely just laying it flat to dry. This blog will only let me upload 1 pic at a time, so will add the before-and-after pictures of the swatch in a minute.

The picture here has shadows which look yellowish, but they truly are only shadows. I love the EOP heel flap and the tubular cast on. Just thought I'd share the picture before I actually frog.

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