Monday, April 25, 2011

New Bern, NC

Home of Pepsi-Cola! It's beautiful down here!!!! Warm, sunny, interesting. Our condo is on the Neuse River. Sorry, no beach! There is a pond right outside our unit and there are a total of 3 "observation decks." Here is a picture of me, last night on the deck right outside our door.

There is a trail around this particular pond that is about 5/8 mile long. Tom and I have walked it a couple times already. You know Tom, he's already ridden his bike (included with the condo) seveal miles.

We have no internet in the condo - have to go to the recreation center behind our unit (couldn't get connected, though, until one of the staff helped me!) or back to the welcome center - over 5 miles away.

We attended a wonderful Easter service yesterday morning at Tabernacle Baptist Church in New Bern. Saturday, we walked around historic downtown New Bern. Saw the pharmacy where Pepsi Cola was first made. There are several different tours we want to check out, too. Shortly we are going on a sailboat around the river. Don't know if it will take us to the ocean or not.

Getting lots of reading and resting done! We've been fixing Homemade Gourmet-very easy, very quick meals. So far, we've fixed Corn Chowder and Tres Queso Breakfast Skillet. Yummy!!!! And Saturday, we picked up fresh produce at the Farmer's Market for a great salad!

Gotta get off here and start having fun! Watch for more tomorrow!!!!

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