Thursday, April 28, 2011

Last day before heading home!

Weather is really yukky today. But we are not about to stay cooped up in the condo, no matter how nice it is! Not raining - yet - but the wind is ferocious.

We drove into town (New Bern) and found yet another quilt shop. Woo-hoo! The New Bern Fabric Center is a very nice shop with wonderful staff, and they are the local Bernina rep. There was a Pfaff dealer down the road but they weren't open. At the fabric center, I picked up some seersucker to make me a summer dress and some quilt fabric as well.

After that, we headed to our main destination for the day - the New Bern Antiques & Collectibles Mall. Nice shop! A lot of stalls for individual/independent vendors to display their wares.

We were deceived by the size - it seemed small from the outside - but it has several wings! I found a Spode thimble to add to my collection and a Pfaltzgraff cake plate (for $5!!!) for a friend. Not a bad day!

Got back to our condo to find a message from the welcome center - the weather is to get rather ugly and we need to be on the watch for it! OK. We can do that.

All right, no more posts till we get back. Happy weekend everyone!

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