Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Doing the "Tourist Thing"

OK, yesterday's weather was a bit "iffy". In fact, it rained off and on most of the day, but that might have been our "new" location. Tom and I drove about 45 min to go over a bridge to one of the islands, not far from the Outer Banks. Atlantic Beach to be exact, to the historic site of Fort Macon. By all accounts, this fort was really a kind of a waste, protection-wise, but it's certainly interesting. Look it up sometime! And wouldn't Tom be great as the next Vanna? lol

But I forgot something! (How on earth could I?) BEFORE we went to Fort Macon, we stopped by one of two quilt shops in the area (Morehead City). Sew It Seams is a charming little shop filled with brights and batiks - loved it! Didn't buy anything there, but wouldn't mind going back.

After visiting Fort Macon, we drove back to Morehead City to another quilt shop - The Quilted. This shop is half designer fabric and half quilt shop. Beautiful fabric! Brights, Orientals, Batiks. Picked up some fabric there. She had a beautiful quilt that she had designed and made for their shop hop 2011. SHOP HOP!! Did you hear that? I couldn't believe they'd already had their shop hop, but it seems it's the first week of February to help beat the winter doldrums. (Shall we compare "winter doldrums" notes?) But I gotta figure out the dates - looks like the hop is held Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun, and Mon. Hard to get a condo for those days. it's usually Fri to Fri, Sat to Sat or Sun to Sun. hmmmmmmmmmm

Well, anyway, after that we ate lunch at Cox's - good home-cookin'. Tom and I shared the pot roast with baked sweet potato and corn (asked for carrots, but that's OK). Then on to our next adventure . . . . . . . .

The Maritime Museum in Beaufort. It was interesting, fun, short, but want does one want for free? The museum's focus was on Blackbeard and his ship, Queen Anne's Revenge.

After that we were two tired little puppies, so we decided to take the free ferry back to the mainland. By this time, the wind is really picking up. If we were required to stand on the deck, it would have been quite interesting. As it was, the captain (or whatever you call him) was finding it quite challenging to line us up with the dock so we could drive off. The wind just wasn't cooperating.

Obviously, we made it back to the condo for some rest. See you tomorrow!

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