Thursday, June 30, 2011

Love my featherweight!

Today's been a relatively quiet, yet productive, day. Had my last insurance-paid therapy this morning.  :( I will miss the therapy, but I will miss my new friends more. We all had so much fun (why should physical therapy be miserable?).

Cut fabric for the July fabric swap at Goodtime Quilters in Circleville. Cut the July mystery quilt for Always In Stitches. Then I brought out the little Singer Featherweight I just bought from a friend. It's SO cute! Nothing fancy. Only does straight stitch. But it's small and lightweight, making it easy to tote to sewing events. Got it all cleaned up (it really needed it!) and started working on a quilt.

Then prepared Homemade Gourmet Skillet Lasagna for dinner. Didn't have everything it called for so made lots of substitutions. It's tasty. Tom and I are sitting and eating it now. [Deep, contented sigh] Can you feel the relaxation and satisfaction?

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