Sunday, September 4, 2011

Block Swap! and contest

Encouraged by my daughter-in-law, Mary, I joined a block swap on the internet. There are five other people in the swap. We all listed our favorite colors and our dislikes, and now we make a 12" (finished) block for each of the others. I just finished my first! And I LOVE it!!! I'm really going to hate mailing it, but I must.

I now have a few entries on my Quilt Book Club blog. If you are having trouble posting a comment, make sure your name is in your comment and set your ID as "anonymous". I now have to approve all comments, but at least they are being posted without error messages! If you name is not in your comment, I will no longer be able to approve it. And remember, you have four opportunities to win the drawing, so make sure you make a separate comment for each one that applies to you!

Hope to see tons of entries!!

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