Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Time for a New Knitting Project

Peggy Shawl by Heartstrings Fiber Arts

I haven't been knitting much because I am having to re-train my left hand. But I finally completed another Peggy Shawl that I started in February with a sport-weight yarn. Been playing a little with another shawl in a DK yarn. Now I am going to try a tried-and-true sweater pattern. It's the 3-to-2 Any Gauge Sweater by Heartstrings Fiber Arts. I have made several of these but have, (throat clearing), outgrown them. They are such a joy to make - so easy and fairly quick. You can use any yarn with appropriate size needles to create the sweater that correctly fits YOU. No worries about meeting gauge, etc. You really ought to check it out!

3-to-2 Sweater
I have no idea what the yarn is that I am going to use. It's just a HUGE cone of yarn, probably synthetic, MAYBE a blend. It's a black/gray tweed and I am using size 7 (US) needles. Don't know how long my hands will last, but I will certainly give it a try!

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