Saturday, May 24, 2008

2 quilts

I have a good friend whose 4-yo son was diagnosed with autism
about a year ago. I wanted to do something special, so I googled for autism. I found out that the logo for autistic children is the puzzle piece. So I designed the little quilt on the right. Someone told me later that an autistic logo quilt has already been designed, but I haven't been able to find it on the internet.

However, you can't give one little boy a quilt and not give his little brother a quilt, so I designed the friendship star quilt on the left for his little brother. The fabric used is the same fabric as that on the right - it just doesn't show up as well, perhaps because it has no red in it.

Monday, May 12, 2008

8th Grade Dinner

My granddaughter's school hosts a dinner for the 8th graders as they "transition" to high school. The 7th graders help with set up and decorating and staff help prepard the food.

Here is Jennifer, about a week or so before her birthday!

Jennifer's First Quilted Bag

My dgd, Jennifer, now 15, has never sewn before. She came over one evening after a tragic event at her school and found my ddil and me sewing tote bags. Jenn decided she wanted to make something, too. I found a pattern for a cute Mini Charmer bag. I showed her how to cut out the squares and she did it all herself. Then, using my (brand new) sewing machine, I took her through the construction, step by step. She pressed open her own seams. The bag is on the left and the "inside" is pictured on the right. Over all, I think she did a very nice job!

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Soakers are back! If you aren't from that era, soakers are knit or crocheted in wool and used over cloth diapers. A grandmother who teaches in one of the schools in the school district from which I retired has twin grandchildren, about 19-months-old. Momma wants to use soakers but doesn't knit or crochet. A mutual friend suggested grandmother call me. Here are the soakers I made for little Sebastian out of Lion Brand Wool Prints and the pattern is Curly Purly soakers, a free internet pattern. One of my teddies in my Bear Parade on my stairs graciously agreed to model.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Celebration! Socks

I have fallen in love with Crystal Palace’s Panda Silk, especially the variegated colorways. The Fern (#4005) reminds me of the lush, verdant greens of Spring and Summer and of the celebration of new life. What better way to celebrate my husband’s affirmation of life since the recurrence of his cancer than to create a sock that can be worn by either of us. This pattern/kit will be available in June for members of the Yahoo group, Sockathon.