Monday, May 12, 2008

Jennifer's First Quilted Bag

My dgd, Jennifer, now 15, has never sewn before. She came over one evening after a tragic event at her school and found my ddil and me sewing tote bags. Jenn decided she wanted to make something, too. I found a pattern for a cute Mini Charmer bag. I showed her how to cut out the squares and she did it all herself. Then, using my (brand new) sewing machine, I took her through the construction, step by step. She pressed open her own seams. The bag is on the left and the "inside" is pictured on the right. Over all, I think she did a very nice job!


drlaura said...

love the bag! great choice of colors and prints, and love the juxtaposition!
hmmm wonder where she got all the talent??

Anonymous said...

Great Looking Bag.
Great Job!!!