Sunday, February 17, 2013

Back in the saddle again!

Well, my hand has finally healed enough from surgery to knit again! YAY!!! With some great patterns and a lot of encouragement from Jackie E-S of HeartStrings Fiber Arts, I have made some fun things. Gave me the courage to do something more challenging. My beautiful 19-yo granddaughter, Jenn, found a pattern for the SwirlyGig Hat at that she really liked, so of course, this grandma HAD to make it!

The colors show much better in the picture of the unfinished hat.

Here is a picture of the wrist warmers I made from Jackie E-S pattern.

My current project is a pair of socks - for ME! Haven't cast on yet.The colors look a little washed out in the picture. Hopefully, when the socks are done, the colors will show up better.



What talent you have kiddo. Beautiful hat/cap. So cute.
Thanks for sharing your work. Those quilts are a masterpiece. I can sew a few stitches but nothing like you present.
I'm excited to see what you are doing. And is that baby cute or what. I'm envious! Enjoy!

Mary@QuiltGenius said...

Love the hat!!