Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Knitting is Therapy!

After my cast was removed following the surgery on my thumb, I had to have physical therapy. I was told that most insurance companies will only pay for 70%-90% recovery. I informed the therapist that I expect 100% recovery and I don't care what it takes! I told them that knitting and quilting are very important to me. So they had me bring in my knitting so I could show them what forms of dexterity are required. That was a couple weeks ago. Now I have progressed enough that knitting is part of my therapy homework - along with massaging the scars with Vitamin E cream to help stretch the ligaments and exercising my wrist with 1# weights.

One of the therapists has a twin brother who was very recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. :-( John (therapist) was asking me how long it takes to make various articles. Then he wanted to know what I would charge to make a pair of white socks with the pink cancer ribbons for a woman who wears a size 7.5 shoe. His mom? His sister-in-law?

I never gave him an answer, but when I got home, I ordered a cotton-blend sport yarn. It arrived today! So I got busy designing the chart for the pink ribbon and cast on the socks. I have about an inch done, but my hands are exhausted and sore, so i need to quit for now. Hope to have time to work on the socks tomorrow! I will post pics when I get a little more done.

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